IPL face-lifting instrument

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Product description

Product name: Micro current color light face-lifting instrument
Product Model: 106692
Material: ABS
Product color: white/pink
Battery capacity: 1000mAH
Input voltage: 5V
Maximum power: 7W
Quiescent current: less than 100uA
Product size: 17x11x5cm, folded size: 13x6cm
Packing size: 20.5x16.5x7.2cm
Function and use:
English voice broadcast, V-shaped angle 26-75 degrees can be adjusted, six modes 1-10 files can be adjusted
1 face-lift mode
2Tuina function
3 Hot compress function: 42 degrees Celsius
4 beat function
5Infrared hot compress physiotherapy 650nm
6Blue light whitening and acne removal Red light 630nm blue light 470nm
Adjust the headband and put it on the chin to make the surface fit the V-shape of the product. Press and hold the switch button for 3 seconds to turn on, and short press to select the mode. The default gear is 1. Short press +/- to adjust the intensity, 1-10 steps can be adjusted. Long press the power button to shut down.
Timing function: automatic shutdown 15 minutes after startup