Rejuvenation Pore Cleanser

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Product description

Specification: 13.2x4.7x8.3cm
Packing: blister+color box

01Do a full range of 5PA for facial skin to care for the skin:
Multifunctional replaceable brush
02Do a full range of 5PA for facial skin, care for the skin:
Dual frequency variable speed + rotation technology
03 vulgar cleansing dirt, tells to exfoliate dead skin:
Two-speed adjustment
04Safety power, without restriction:
Battery configuration

1. Prepare 2 AA batteries into the battery compartment
2. Moisten the skin with mild water, and apply the cleanser evenly on the face
3. Put the ball massage head, glued sea surface massage head, makeup sea surface massage head
Or nylon hand brush massage head installed in the massager (select the massage head as needed)
4. Turn on the massager switch and gently massage the face
The massager has two options of LOW and HIGGH, you can choose a more comfortable gear
(Only LOW can be used when using sand massage head and nylon massage head)
5. After the massage, turn off the massager and remove the massage head
6. Wash the massaged area with warm water and dry it with a soft towel
7. Rinse the removed massage head with water, and be careful not to damage the massage head when cleaning